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Why NZ Small Business Owners Should Care About Networking

Helping other New Zealand businesses is one of our main priorities here at Calculated Advantage. That’s why we are members of Network NZ, the most widely recognised business networking brand in New Zealand. But not only are we members, we are also their endorsed service provider for both accountancy and bookkeeping services.NNZ with No Background.png

Networking with other small to medium sized businesses is an incredibly powerful tool we use to gain new clients. Rather than being just another bookkeeping directory listing, we are instead an active participant in online forums, sharing advice and interacting with our existing and potential clients daily. With the Facebook groups available for giving on the spot business help, the advertising of our services and allowing other members to know us as real people, we build up the trust and respect of other business owners. When these owners come to the time they need to file their tax returns, GST returns or sort out their financial paperwork, because they already know us and that we know our stuff, they are more likely to request our accountancy and bookkeeping services than to pick an unknown accountancy firm.

We really love being asked questions because we believe in empowering our clients with the knowledge to help them help themselves when it comes to their accounts. Having the opportunity to provide bookkeeping and tax accountancy advice through creating branded resources for Network NZ directory members and in discussions with other members on their closed Facebook group pages is just one way we can help both our own and potential clients. It is really the best business networking opportunity in NZ!
As the owner of Calculated Advantage Ltd, I (Julie East) am the smiley face you will see the most of in the Facebook groups. As a tax accountant and bookkeeper (yes I am both!), I am the 2015 Bookkeeper of the Year and a member of both the NZBAI (New Zealand Bookkeepers Association Incorporated) and the ATAINZ (Accountants and Tax Agents Institute of New Zealand). I have pretty much all the answers to any bookkeeping or accounting questions you can throw at me!

I’d love for you and your business to join me at Network NZ and ask me all the curly questions you can! Then you’ll see that at Calculated Advantage Ltd we really do know our stuff!

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  1. Jackie Procter


    That is so true! Networking is such a powerful marketing tool. Thanks for all the helpful tips you give freely to everyone!

  2. Calculated Advantage Ltd


    Thanks Jackie :-)