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The Six Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Steps to Success.jpgEntrepreneurs love to try new things, show the world they are ready to take it on and are proud to say that they don’t follow the crowd. [Read More…]

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Why NZ Small Business Owners Should Care About Networking

Helping other New Zealand businesses is one of our main priorities here at Calculated Advantage. [Read More…]

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ACC CoverPlus Extra: Safety Net for the Self Employed

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What is ACC CoverPlus Extra?

ACC CoverPlus Extra is tailored ACC Cover for the self-employed.  It is a flexible alternative to standard ACC CoverPlus that self-employed persons are automatically assigned to. [Read More…]

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What % of my Sales should I Set Aside for Tax ?

People often ask me to tell them how much money they should be putting aside to cover their GST and tax bills.  I find this question difficult to answer because every business is different and I would hate for someone to be relying on something that didn’t fit for their particular business.  However, it is such a common question that I’m going to take a stab at a rule of thumb answer.  Please let me know whether this works for you if you try it.  Please don’t shoot me if it doesn’t. [Read More…]

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Beginners’ Guide to Filing Your Own Small Business Tax Return

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We’re pretty lucky here in New Zealand.  Our tax system is rated as one of the easiest in the world to navigate and comply with.  And accountants are expensive right?  So when you only have a small business it makes sense to keep your costs down by filing your own tax return.  Here are a few tips and reminders to help you get it done right. [Read More…]

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