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Calculated Advantage is owned and managed by Julie East - Auckland Based Qualified Accountant

After more than a dozen years working in an Auckland based chartered accountancy practice I have seen many self-employed persons and small business owners struggling with the accounting and tax side of their business.  

I started Calculated Advantage to assist small business owners and contractors to 'get it right the first time'.  We provide services designed to save you money by keeping the accounting & bookkeeping for your business tidy and under control and to provide the solutions before the problems even arise. 

For that reason we'll teach you everything you want to know about the accounting side of your business so that you can have confidence in your processes.  If that is not your thing or you are too busy we will look after it for you.  Not only will this work out less expensive than hiring a bookkeeper, it will save you a lot in accounting fees too.

Calculated Advantage - the benefit of managing your calculations and the advantage of turning those necessary numbers into knowledge that empowers your decision making.

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Julie's Right Hand Woman

Kylie Anderson

Kylie Anderson

Kylie collects all the information needed to complete your annual accounts and tax returns. Her passion is to ease the tension of day to day running of a business for those brave enough to have entered the business world. When not working on your accounts Kylie can usually be found chasing her goats, making jewellery or singing soprano in a local choir. Xero Certified Adviser.

Our mission is to enable you to FREE YOURSELF TO RUN YOUR BUSINESS

Calculated Advantage is based in the cloud

Cloud accounting software like Xero is what makes the Calculated Advantage approach possible, here's why:

1. Cloud software enables the "get stuck in" approach that Calculated Advantage was established for.   We work directly in your system.  If you invite us to have a hands-on role then your accounts are always accurate and up-to-date.  No more waiting for the end of the tax year to find out your true financial position. 

2. Using cloud software is like having your own in-house accountant but at a fraction of the cost.  Any time you have a question or request help we can be on the spot (in the cloud) and ready to provide what you need.

3. Cloud software is real-time and paperless.  It's hard to estimate just how much time (and therefore money) this saves but you will notice the difference.

But we're not limited to working in the cloud.  We're champions with Excel and manual systems too.